I got the first response from a publisher interested in my book!!!  They love it and want to read more (I sent them a sample). I am so ridiculously excited!!!!  They said they loved the combination of wit, faith, sarcasm, honesty and vulnerability. Especially the vulnerability. I took a really big risk and sent them some very personal things. They loved them.

I am so excited!  This does not mean I have a deal, but it is the first step and I am so blessed!  I have said that I would so this for so long, and everything isn’t even ready yet, still have to get the rest of it together, but there is PLENTY of material.

I am so excited I am about to pop!! I just want to jump up and down screaming. I am soo doing the happy dance!!  Yippie!!!!!!! Smiling form ear to ear and walking so high on my tiptoes I am not even touching the ground.. EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Retiring and sailing around on the Caribbean is closer…and getting even closer. My dreams are coming true! 🙂


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