The Not Dating Life

There have been times in my life that I have sworn off men, that I did not want to date, I wanted to take it easy and take a break.  Several times in my life in fact. But this time I seem to be enjoying it much more. It seems as though I am just comfortable being…me. And since this latest break up, I do not feel the urge to run out and play the “who is dating someone first game”. Or the “who gets laid/has the rebound first” game either. If he wants it, he can have it…though I am sure the ex has already had both, as womanizers usually move to the next very quickly. Lets just hope he doesn’t try to kill her too, or worse, succeed.

No, I just want to be me, with me. I want to know that I am solid first before moving on to the next relationship. I have never had a one night stand and never been one for flings. I also do not believe it is fair to drag another person down with my baggage in a relationship. And lets face it, I have a lot of baggage I am dealing with right now. A break up is bad enough, but the groom calling off the wedding, attacking and d robbing the bride 2 days before the blessed event? Well, that is enough to give anyone some extra suitcases full of baggage.

An interesting thing has happened since then though. I am getting compliments of how great I look and how pretty I am all over the place.  And more and more men want to flirt me with. I mean everything from the subtle wink to the bold smile with a cute line. And even more interesting lately is the safely in which it is all done. These guys know I am not in the market for a date, yet the compliment and flirt anyway. They do it, I think, because they know there is no harm or expectations. They can just relax without me expecting them to ask me out, or follow through with the flirt. It can just be fun and innocent. And when was the last time we evr did anything fun and innocent?

And I like it. And I am flirting back. And we both have fun. It is mutually beneficial – I got a nice compliment and he gets a pretty girl to flirt with. A win-win situation. And that is one of the meny things I am enjoying about the Not-Dating Life.


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