Water For Elephants

Just saw the movie and have to say ladies, it is great. Men, also great for you too (if you have to ask why, you are not old enough to go to the movies).  It is a classic tale of good and evil, love and struggle. How nothing worth while comes easy and it is also a testament to the human spirit. The book is very good and a little different, but the movie still very enjoyable. Aside form the enjoying the story, it is also reminds me of a simpler time. There where no cell phones, laptops, iPads, iPods, IM’s or the like (and they survived!).But there was dancing.

I don’t mean dancing like we do in clubs today, I mean the real thing, Ballroom dancing. There is a reason we keep seeing and reading about characters who dance like that, it is very seductive, slow, romantic. The woman places her one hand either almost on top of his shoulder, or almost below his shoulder blade (depending on the dance). The other hand goes in his, but not intertwined. And he leads, they sway. Her head on his should, he close enough to smell her perfume or even her shampoo. (ok, I will stop now before all the men get sick).

The bottom line is that we don’t need all these gadgets to be romantic. And I often wonder, if these modern day conveniences make dating and love any easier? The movie was set during the depression and even though we are much better off now, just how haave modern day machines improved romance?

Guys, take a cue from those chick-flicks women swoon over.  Call, don’t text, or email for that matter. Do small things like slow dance with her, send her flowers, or bring her flowers next time you go to pick her up.  And yes, sit through that chick flick and don’t complain. Make her laugh. Turn off the cell phone, and make some time to really pursue her, romance her, seduce her. The art of seduction really is an art, and 90% has nothing to do with the bedroom. She will appreciate it, and it will pay off.


2 thoughts on “Water For Elephants

  1. I have suggested all of these things to my male readers. We need to get the message out. Romance should not stop just becuase you are married. You are preaching my message and singing my song. Preach it sister.


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