Windows Down

 Now that the cold, dreary curtain of winter has lifted, and the city is awash in color and energy, and everyone is suddenly planning for summer weekends away and sunshine-filled Saturdays, I can’t help but feel all aflutter with seasonal excitement.

It’s summer!! Yay! Finally. After the winter that seemed like it would not end; the week long freeze, people ice skating On Peachtree, the coats and skarves, finally we are past the cold weather. Now, there are trips to plan, with family, with friends, with myself.  Beach weekend getaways, motorcycle rides up to the mountains, books to read, pools to swim in and patios to dine on. Let’s not forget about all the  skirts and dresses to buy,  Baves games to attend, outdoor live music festivals to check out.

Now, it is driving-with-the-windows-down weather.  It is throwing-off-the-covers kind of weather.  It’s warm  nights with cool breezes perfect for taking long, side street walks after dinner.  It’s eating ice cream.  It’s perusing the local farmer’s market stands for freshly picked fruits and vegetables.  Buying suntan lotion.  Buying flip flops.  Purchasing yet another new black bikini.

It is knowing it’s high time to air out the house, to throw out the old, the over-used, the undone bits and pieces of the season past. The old magazines, the old clothes, the old ex-boyfriends! Because it is, finally, fully, a new season.

A part of me cannot hardly believe all that has transpired in just the first five  and a half months of this year.  I actually can’t get my head around all the events, the highs, the lows, the travel, the exhaustion, the questions, the surprising answers, the elation, the worry, the wondering, the work, the heartache, the joy, the tears, the laughter, the…everything. It has all developed so fast, so tightly. And yet, here I am, wondering what I should do now, as the excitement runs through my viens along with meloncholy, a bit of fear and longing, but mostly a wondering.

As silly as it sounds, emerging from this past winter has me feeling older, wiser and like I cracked through my own boundaries and ran myself limp and sore in the exciting, freeing territory I discovered.

 And it is always times like this, when I pause for a moment, sitting on the cusp of another new season ripe with possibility and promise, that I am able to look back, and take stock in the half year that has passed. Not everything done was successful – a few things I failed at miserably. But, if you are going to fail, make it spectacular.

But now, it is time to roll the windows down. It is time to buy myself flowers. It is time to make time—as much as I can—for friends, for family, for fresh air and fresh perspective.  Patio margaritas, long conversations and much sharing – this time with the right people, who will cherish what is being offered, who will not take it lightly and who will return in ten fold.


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