Thank You For Letting Me Write For You

Tonight has been a very interesting night full of friends and writing reviews. It has been full of friends and wonderful moments. First of all let me say thank you for letting me write for you. It is truly and honor and a blessing to be able to write every day.

A friend told me today that many of his military buddies read what I write and tear up. These men are the best of the best, they are brave and are truly the heroes of America.  To write anything that they appreciate, much less anything that moves them, is  again an honor and a privilege. These are the man and women who are willing to do what so many are not to make sure that I (and you) can sleep safe and sound  at night. To have them like, much less moved by anything that I write is amazing. Thank you. It is truly humbling.

One of my oldest friends, he was actually my first boss in radio, and one of the few people in this world who know me best, said that I do not go for the jugular enough – especially when I write about dating. Some of the ex’s, or Bonehead Award nominees, might disagree.  He said that he has no idea what planet some of these men are from (me either).   He, an amazing writer himself, said that it seems I never lie or am anything less than authentic in what I write. I only write what I know, how I feel and what I am going through. I do not know how to wrote anything else. But I do not write to hurt anyone.

Know that I am thankful every day that I can wake up  and say that I am a writer. It is truly a gift when someone says that they have enjoyed anything that I have written. Thank you. I literally do not have the capacity for the vocabulary to express how much it means.

Some (usually those I have written about in reference to dating)  have accused me of writing disingenuous things, or just to hurt others. This is not true. If anything I many times water down what I write when it pertains to others and what negative things they have done. I leave a lot out. And it seems the only people who feel I am harsh are those I have written about.  But to their defense, we have all made mistakes, and it would be hard to take if all of our mistake were written about…but that is the risk you take when dating a writer.

Basically – to go for the jugular as my friend would say – if you don’t do stupid or bonehead things, I will not write about it. However, if you treat a woman badly as your normal mode of operation – be afraid, be very afraid. As long as you treat me well you have nothing to worry about.

I read an interview recently where Jesse James was interviewed by Piers Morgan On CNN. When asked if he (James) thought Bullock was insincere when speaking about how much she loved her husband, he said:

When Morgan asks if James is accusing Bullock of being insincere, James asks Morgan what Bullock does for a living.

“Movie stuff,” answers Morgan.

“Yes, what?” asks James.

“An actor,” replies Morgan.

“Oh, OK, cool,” James retorts.

That pretty much sums it up.  But all those people who have written bad things about Jesse James are being unfair, right?

Thank you for letting me write for you. I  hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Thank you for reading. Thank you for coming along this journey of life with me – the good, bad and the ugly. Thank you for following along the through the mistakes, trips, falls, discoveries, heartaches, triumphs and just life with me. I am just me, trying to figure it out just like everyone else. With writing, no matter what, or who, I write about, no matter what light they are written in, the writing always tells more about the author than the subject and always will.


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