Wanderlust of invitations

When I put that I wanted to travel on my goal board for the year, I did not think it would be quite like this. Like most, I have always had a certain wanderlust, wanting to go, see do  and be. It has been quite a while since I have taken a vacation, any vacation.  I went to NYC for a weekend, went to visit a dear friend in Denver, over the past year.  But those were more like visits – get on a plane, do a few things, get back on a plane.

Barbados, The Grenadines, and Dubai. Three beautiful places. The first two I made reservations, the last, was an unexpected and wonderful invitation to go and explore in Dubai. Dubai, such a far off and exotic place, by invitation. Much like the one I extended only a few days ago…except this invitation was accepted with high enthusiasm. And much appreciation for the offer being extended.  Funny how invitations work, if one is not accepted, don’t fret, as there will always someone else who will appreciate what is being offered. One destroyed a friendship, while two others strengthen one friendship and start another. Win.

So I research and plan, collaborate and reservate (yes, that is a word, at least in my dictionary), trusting all the while.  Trusting those who have extend invitations, trusting those who have accepted, even trusting those who have declined (to some extent). Trusting that all is as it should be, and everyone is in there right place at the right time. Trusting and finding comfort in the grand scheme of things. Those who are in my life are so for a reason. Those who are not, are not by reason and design.

Invitations and trust, who would have thought they go hand in hand? But they do. Without one you cannot have the other. Whether in travel, work, love or friendship. If a person cannot find it within themselves to trust, they cannot extend or accept invitations – for vacations, for friendship, for love, for a beer. So, that person declining?  Don’t worry about them. Your invitation is the least of their worries.

If someone told me just a week ago where I was going and with whom I would have been surprised. Funny how invitations work. And it makes me excited. One vacation is about sun and relaxing. The other adventure in a new place. I want to ride a camel. I want to get to know more about my gracious host. I want to see the sunset in a far off place. Feel the air and smell the scent of a new adventure.

Surround yourself with positive people who know how to extend and accept. Who trust enough to share adventures. Discover new places and things together, enjoy life and laughter.  Only in sharing can life be truly valuable. And I am looking forward to sharing such wonderful things with my friends. Thank you for all the invitations extended and accepted, for they, and you, have made my life a better place than it would have been.

Now, as I sit, so excited about the stamps that will be placed on my passport that I am about to pop, I just have one question: Do camels really spit?


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