Tell Me Your Story

We all have a story. Tell me yours.

There was a musician who asked his fans to tell him their stories.  He, in turn, would write their stories into song.

So this is what I ask of all of you – tell me your stories. And I will write them. Your secrets, embarrassing moments, interesting things that have happened along the way.  And it will all be under the anonymity of this blog – no names will be revealed, no judgment, all secrets kept. I will write your autobiography (or a piece of it), what happened, how it affected you, what you learned, what it means to you. The Good, the bad and the in between.

I have long been fascinated by peoples stories, fascinated by hearing part of what makes that person who they are. What makes them sad, happy, smile, proud, ashamed, human.  Truth is I have been doing this for a long time, but usually people ask that I write their stories either in my handwritten journal or just under my own name.

But this is your story…How would you like it to be told?

I can be reached at or by Facebook.


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