A few years ago I visited one of my best friends and her daughter in Nashville.  The visit was filled with laughter, catching up, wine and wonderful friendship.  That night, as I drifted off to sleep, her daughter gave me a hug and whispered that she loved me.  It was amazing how much those words meant and how wonderful they made me feel.  This little girl’s simple expression of love to a friend of her mothers.  Love comes in many forms, all are a magic tonic to our delicate human souls.

As Valentines Day gets closer, commercials talk of couples in love. But to me Valentines is something much more than what is advertised. It is the  celebration of love, in all it’s forms.  Friendship, family, partner, lover, sister, brother…whoever.  Why do we only make it about couples?  There are so many forms of love, and so many words in the world to express love, why limit ourselves to only one kind?  That is like only having one kind of food all your life…think of all the flavors we would miss out on.

Love, no matter what the flavor, is wonderful, healing and contagious.  There is nothing in the world like feeling loved or loving someone. And one of the best things of all is that love is truly all around us.  It is your parents voices, your friends smile, even in your cat’s (or dog’s) eyes.  Let’s face it, the only way to escape love is to be a hermit on an island…but who would want to escape it?  It inspires and motivates us.

Each person has within them the power to be an instrument of love.  To use of words, bodies, actions and thoughts to give and accept love.  Smile at a stranger as you pass them, tell the tired store clerk to have a good night, let someone else go first, be a shoulder to a friend, share a laugh, show empathy and compassion to another.  These are all expressions of love that many times get over looked.  But each one of us has the power to make another person just a little happier by extending these simple gestures.  Because when these things are done to us, they make out day just a little better too.

So lets make it about love, just LOVE.  And would a rose smell as sweet by any other name?  Absolutely. Does it matter what kind of love we have in our lives?  No, just the fact that we have it is enough.  We shouldn’t limit love by putting it in a box, saying we want just this kind….we should feel every kind of it.  There are many Greek words for love,  Let’s look around and truly celebrate it, revel in it, get lost in it.  Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around. After all, there’s enough to make the world go ’round.


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