Selfish Relaxation

We all need time to rest and recover when things have been very busy.  Taking a break is good for the soul, body and mind.  when we are so busy we miss a manyof the little things in life we are too much in a hurry to see.  And down time helps us feel refreshed and recharged. 

Lately I have been feeling a bit ragged….It seems the past 6 weeks have been a constant flurry of activity, and indeed it has.  Moving, trying to unpack, starting a new contract and the online dating flurry.  It has left me feeling a bit fatigued and ready for some good quiet time. As the air gets a little cooler, this is the perfect time to take pause, rest and reflect.  I seem to go through periods of extreme activity followed by a period of rest and, true to the pattern, I need to relax.

So, the next few weeks I will work hard, yes, but I will also play and rest hard.  I will get my home set up to where it is a home, not just a place to sleep and store unpacked boxes. I will join gym (and actually go) to start my healthy routine.  I will read books for my book club and continue my belly dance classes. 

This may sound like a list of New Years resolutions, but they are not.  Some times you have to be selfish enough in life to take the time you need and do the things that you enjoy.  If you do not, then life has a way of wearing you down and chipping away at your energy and spirit. You must take the time to enjoy what makes you smile. I am a happy girl, and to keep it that way, I am going to make sure I take the time to not only take care of myself, but also the things I enjoy…just for myself.

So lets get selfish…and start enjoying the benefits. 🙂


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