Do you ever wonder…?

I do.  They say that life is wonderful..and it is.  Life is Full of Wonder.  I have always felt the key to life is always being curious…always being full of wonder about the world , the people and things in it.  We could earn all day every day, and still never know everything. That thought humbles and inspires meat the same time.  Have you ever wondered if a lifetime would be long enough to experience all the wonder?

I wonder how many rain drops there are in a storm.  How many hugs does a person give in a lifetime…how may kisses?  What the secret to life really is, how to make a good lasagna, if my nephews will be happy when they are adults, what the future will old for them, what the secret is to making plants grow…because I seem to kill them.  I wonder what my lover is thinking sometimes.  I wonder where creativity comes from, and where a thought is actually created in the brain.  I wonder if my children will ever go into space, and what kind of mother they think I will be.  I wonder if I will ever fall in love again, how many licks  it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, and what it would be like to fly like a bird.  I wonder what God thinks of us – the Human race he created,, and if he is ever sorry he did.  I hope not.  I wonder if I will ever learn to keep my temper.  How many people we pass in an airport, or street, who we know, but don’t know we know because we haven’t seen them since we were young children.  I wonder what the life of the person in the car next to me is like, and if they are happy.  I wonder about the lives of the people who made the wine I am drinking.  I wonder about people.  I wonder if a sunrise could ever get old, what my cats are thinking when they sit and stare at the wall. What babies are saying before they can speak, what it was like to live a century or two ago.  How a flower can be so beautiful and full of color…how a hummingbird is so beautiful.  I wonder how may leaves are on a tree and how many snowflakes are in a blizzard and how a child’s laughter can make me smile, even on the worst of days.   And I wonder what other people wonder.


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