Two Poems For You

The Wonder of It All

As I lay with you and sleep
Had taken you over,
I watched the moonlight
Cradle the Curves of your face
I saw the the light dance across
Your body, the beauty of your form
Catching me by surprise
And all I could say
Was Thank God for That Day
That light and That moment
With you.

Ada Burch 12/31/09

The Bench Warmer

There was an old woman
Sitting on a bench
In early Years she might
Have been called a wench.
Simple and plain
Of no social gain,
She sat on a bench next to me.

And as I looked over
her strong layered shoulder
I saw the lines of her face
And started to wonder of the
Stories and hunger
Seen in her days gone by.

And we sat in our silence
Strangers in our experience
Sharing a bench on a cold winters day.

Then she let out a sigh
And with a tear in her eye
She turned to me and smiled
And thank me for my time,
Got up and slowly walked away.

Ada Burch 12/31/09


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