The Best Cleaner

Tonight was the kitchen floor.  I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor with bleach and a brush.  The layers of years of dirt came off easier than expected, but it was hard work none the less.  As I was scrubbing, this made me think of our own souls.  How do we clean them?  Somehow, as we go through life our souls seem to collect dust from bad experiences.  All are as different as the people who experience them; it could be a bad childhood, a bad relationship, unkind words, betrayals from false friends, lies, harsh words, loss…it could be anything.  No one person’s pain is any greater than anther’s.  And they all leave a residue.

It is my humble opinion that plain bleach is one of the best household cleaners around.  Plain and simple, it gets the job done.  I ran out of it tonight and will have to finish the floor when I go to the store to get more.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could go down tot he store and grab some soul cleaner along with  the milk, bread and toilet paper?  If we can’t do that, what can we do?

Soul cleaner, for me, consists of the Three F’s: Faith, Family and Friends.  Friends are there to lean on, bail you out, and hide a body with no questions asked.  Family will always be your family and their support can mean so much in bad times.  Faith can and will get you through when the other two fall short.  Just like bleach, these three are plain and simple, yet manage to get the job done quite well and better than many fancy designer solutions.

The most important one to me is faith.  But I wonder, do you have faith because you have had a good life, or do you have a good life because you have faith?  I know several people who had terrible childhoods where their prayers where not answered, and they have trouble with faith to this day.  They are not unhappy, but are they happy?  Can you really be residue free from all the bad things in life when you have no faith?  I wonder…

I have certainly been through some rough times, and during my darkest moments it was my faith that got my through.  Many times I was alone, and there was no one else.  Having faith in something bigger than myself was instrumental in in summoning up the strength to survive.

One thing is for sure, when you do find a way to clean the residue of life off the soul you are left with clarity and peace.  We are left lighter.  So does it really matter how a person comes clean, as long as they do? I don’t think so.  It;s the 3F’s for me…and maybe that may be a good place to start to if you are looking for your own soul cleaner.


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