The Choices We Make

As I watch the rain come poring down, and wonder about how my damp basement is holding up to the torrential rains…I also wonder about the choices we make.  Some people go by the path of least resistance, other choices we make seem to be the path of the most resistance.  What gives?  Many times our patience.  How many of us have sat quietly and wondered if the decision we made was the right one, and what possessed us to make that decision in the first place?
I am wondering this now.  Why did I choose to rent a house…this house?  Why did I not just get a large apartment in a nice complex?  Why did I feel the need to have a yard, and basement?  I believe we all make the best decision we can with the information we have at the time.  I mean, no one wakes up and thinks “I am going to make Really bad decision today – Yay!”  We are all just fumbling through, trying to make the best decision we can.
My decision came from the need for something more in my life.  For 36 years I have lived only for myself.  I wanted the house so I could bring people and more important, bigger things to have in my life.  And it has worked.  My nephew has a place to stay and someone to count on if he needs anything.  My friends have a place to crash and relax when they are weary. I have a place to build a life.

The best decision isn’t always the easiest…and sometimes that may have us wondering if it was the right one to make.  Maybe.  But who said it was always supposed to be easy?  Don’t we appreciate something more when we have to work hard to obtain it?  It is more valuable and we are more inclined to cherish it.  And a life worth cherishing is a life worth living…now if I can only remember this as I am doing housework!

One thing is for sure…cleaning up and getting the house ready for the party this week is hard, as there is so much to do.  But it is forcing me to get things done.  After the house has been completely cleaned (the last people left it very filthy), I will be able to resume my life and regular rhythm.  Come home, relax, exercise, study and socialize.  None of which I have been able to do because this house has temporarily eaten my life.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel… 🙂


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