The Smell of The Rain

Someone once asked me to describe what rain smelled like. I tried, bit nothing quite came close. It is one if those things that is hard to describe because there is so other scent like it. It is earthy, sweet, refreshing, heavy, light, wet, happy, soothing, and a touch of the intangible. It is delicious.

I am at the family compound once again this weekend. My nephew’s dorm fridge ca.e in and it cost more to ship it than it did to buy it, so we came down to get it. They say I bring the rain with me when I visit, and it is definatly true this weekend.

Watching the storm roll in off the water is quite a sight. You smell it before you hear it, hear it before you see it.

This is where I rest, soak up the sights and smells of nature (we are litterally in the iddle of nowhere) and relax and rejuvinate. This past week has been a good one, but much energy has been used with no refills as of yet. It leaves me feelibng exausted. This is a welcome break. the cell phone towers are down, so I cannot receive any calls and this furthers my escape from the hectic life that is called mine.

I rest. And smell the rain.


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