Speaking of Faith

Met with a friends last night and among other things we talked a lot about faith, God, Spirituality and such.  We both believe a bit more in the new Age, but that has strengthened our faith in God, not diminished it.  We talked about how when you put your faith in a box, and don’t let it go beyond certain parameters, you miss so much beauty about the world, and you miss the Bigness of God.  Who are we to put limits on what he can do or what parameters He should fit into?   Basically, in life, in faith, in love, you will find whatever you are looking for (hmm that’s another blog).  He is God and He will be where he wants, it is up to us to find Him.  We also talked about how religion and science can compliment each other  instead of always being at odds.  It was a great conversation.

She has written a book about her coming into her own faith.  I would like to do that, but am not a good enough writer yet.

There were also conversations about hopes, insecurities, dreams, and men (of course).  And shoes.  All of my life I have always had mainly more guy friends than good girlfriends.  For the first time in my life I am finding that number is about equal now.  I love my guy friends, could not ever imagine my life with out them, but good girlfriends are priceless too. 🙂

After a few wonderful hours of conversation and laughter, I went to my new home, sat on the deck and listened to the crickets sing a symphony.   I decided I am not mad at the gentleman for this weekend.  After all, it was just moving plants, why should I be mad?  Life is good and I am blessed. 🙂


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